Moneglia is a quiet small town located in East Liguria, between the well known Sestri Levante and tha natural paradise of Cinqueterre; its location is well sheltered from the wind and offers to its guests a fine microclima in every season of the year, both sandy beachs and rock bays (ideal places for diving) sorrounded by mediterranean vegetation.

Also it's a perfect start point for unforgettable hikes along the several paths of the ligurian coast.

How to reach the Hotel Maggiore

From the A-12 exit (Sestri Levante) go to 300 mts. along the main way (Aurelia) till to reach a crossroad regulated by a traffic light. Just turn to left, go to exeed a triple crossroad, then straight for 200 mts. (you'll see the beginning of a climb) , turn right, so you'll exeed a railroad station, and then a little railroad tunnel regulated by another traffic light. Follow the main road (on the right you'll see naval shipyeards ) till to reach tunnels that connect Sestri Levante to Moneglia, regulated by a traffic light.

Where we are

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